Our Mission

Using off-the-shelf, or totally custom development, we help you provide security, safety, and accountability through our unique biometric and non-biometric solutions.

Identity Solutions

We're not a typical biometrics company - we are an identity company.

Tactical Solutions

We use fast custom or off-the-shelf identity solutions to solve your unique challenges.

Our Values

The Right Solution for the Customer

We work with the customer on all aspects of the solution - from conception to deployment and long-term support.

We strive to be the most efficient identity solution provider. Our focus is speed and accuracy - finding the right solution for each unique customer.

Key Technology

  • Biometrics: Face, fingerprint, iris, palm, voice, fingerprint cards
  • Mobile: Android and iPhone development
  • Cloud Computing: Scalable, distributed architectures
  • Cluster: Custom server configurations
  • Computer Science: Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis
  • Hardware: Custom microelectronic products

Strategy and Approach

Finding your unique requirements

We'll work with you at the earliest stages to learn your unique requirments and figure out if a biometric or identity solution is right for you. Sometimes it isn't, and if there is an easier way to solve your problem, we can help you with that too, or refer you to one of our partners.

Solution Development

Once we have determined your solution, we will work to get it rapidly built and deployed. We'll work with you weekly on iterations of your solution, allowing you to be part of the development process, and ensuring we aren't just building the solution right, we are building the right solution.

Deployment and Support

We strongly believe a significant part of the learning process happens during deployment. We'll support your solution in deployment, even in a war zone, ensuring that it still meets the requirements and making refinements as necessary.

Our Team

Mary Haskett
CEO & Co-Founder
Andrew Morris
Director of Program Operations
Steven Haskett
Senior Developer


Dr. Alex Kilpatrick
CTO & Co-Founder
Andrew Grooms
Sr. Developer
Caitlin Elizabeth