Services Overview

Biometric Consulting

TIS personnel have been directly involved with the deployment of dozens of biometric projects worldwide, including design, development, training, deployment, and testing. We can use our real-world knowledge to help your project succeed.

Biometric Training

A key part of the effectiveness of any biometric system is training - both enrollees and operators. We've developed multi-language training courses that have been deployed around the world, and can develop training optimized to any custom or off-the-shelf system to ensure it is used in the most effective way possible.

Biometric Testing

We've been directly involved with the testing of very large biometric systems (10's of millions), as well as operational biometric systems deployed around the world. We were even commissioned by the DoD to perform a comprehensive biometric testing study across all of the DoD and industry. We can help you efficiently and effectively test systems you operate, or are acquiring.

Custom Biometric Development

TIS personnel have developed dozens of custom biometric systems deployed worldwide, including enrollment, matching, credentialing, and mobile biometric systems. We can help you develop custom identity-based software, both biometric and non-biometric to solve your unique challenges.


Several of our main biometric products are cloud-based. We can work with you to develop custom cloud-based biometric solutions, enabling near infinite scaling and very high utliization. Or we can help you with a wide variety of complex cloud-based solutions to tough problems.

Machine Learning

We try to add some machine learning into our solutions wherever possible -- so they can get better over time. We can work with your big data or analysys problems to help you make the most best decisions bases upon the data you have, or we can make your custom biometric solution adaptable, so it can improve or become more efficient over time.


How It Works


During the design process, we work with you to determine your unique requirments. Maybe you need biometrics, maybe you don't -- sometimes the low-tech solution works best.

We'll figure out what the best solution is for your problem, and tell you how we can solve it. We like to use GUI mock-ups and Specification by Examples to make sure we have captured the full breadth of your requirements and can build a solution that works for you.


Our focus is on tactical development -- building the best solution as quickly as possible. Software development typically consumes all available time, and most of customers need a solution yesterday. We'll help determine the most expedient route to get you a solution that works and solves your problem, not the solution we are enamored with.


Software development doesn't stop when the development process is done. We work with you through the development process, on-site, even to war-zones if neccesary. Too often, "final" requirements aren't final once they reach deployment, and we want to make sure the product meets the end-user needs.

Because of our focus on speed, we can rapidly refine the solution in the field if needed, ensuring the product meets both the final and final-final requirements.